FemTechNet: Race, Gender, and Connected Learning

My name is Lisa Nakamura, and I’m cofacilitator with Liz Losh of FemTechNet, a project in connected learning on Feminism and Technology founded in 2012 by Anne Balsamo and Alex Juhasz.  My personal website is here.  I’ve been writing and researching about racism, sexism, and the Internet since 1994.

MOOCs have proven to be less of a revolution in learning at a distance than was hoped.  This is especially true for learners who are educationally disadvantaged.  The ethos of FemTechNet is to that we work together to produce new knowledge about feminism and technology, especially digital technologies, and that we give it away.   FemTechNet works with nodal learners taking a version of our DOCC (distributed open connected course) as well as with self-directed learners.

Anyone is welcome to join our research network or to teach a DOCC at their home campus.  Just send an email to Lezlie Stephens at stephens@umich.edu.